Real story of Ayodhya

From 1528 AD till date and the tales echo!

The city of Ayodhya, in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh is about 600 kms to the east of the Indian capital city of New Delhi. You might catch your fancy to know that the name “Ayodhya” has been derived from the name of King Ayudh. King Ayudh has been mentioned in ancient Hindu scriptures as the forefather of Lord Rama.

The root word of “Ayudh” comes from the Sanskrit word “Yudh”. Loosely translated, “Ayodhya” means “unconquerable” or “not to be fought”. Ironically, this holy land has been witness to as many as 76 battles ever since the year 1528 AD to 1934.




So, it all began in the year 1528 A.D. Babar, the founder of the Mughal dynasty, invaded India. There is literary and historical evidence that Babar’s general Mir Baqi took over Ayodhya, destroyed the Shri Ram Temple and built the Babri structure. Shri Ram’s temple was at a towering height in Ayodhya overlooking the Ghaghra River. Undoubtedly, Babar’s general sought to build the structure at the holy site of the Hindus.

By force and might, what can be described as a symbol of barbarism, Babar and his army of savages, thrust upon the nation, an act of barbarism. No doubt, the structure was built to prove the might of the Mughal invaders. The Mughals who wanted to force themselves upon the lives of the Indians, wanted to take control of their Gods and religious structures as well.

Ever since then, generations of Hindus have been involved in the movement to get back the holy site that rightfully belongs to them.




While it might be true that Hindus have not been able to construct a grand temple of Shri Rama at the Janmabhoomi in Ayodhya, in the same breath, we can claim that Muslims have also not been able to secure the Babri structure.

Another historical landmark is the year 1934. Hindus worship cows and cows enjoy the status of a “mother” in the Hindu culture. When in the said year, a few Muslims slaughtered a cow in Ayodhya, the holy Hindu city, a battle ensued between Hindus and Muslims. The butchers who slaughtered the cow were decimated and subsequently, the Hindu society attacked and damaged all the three domes of the Babri structure.

After a few Muslims slaughtered a cow in Ayodhya, a pitched battle ensued between the Hindus and Muslims…the butchers who had slaughtered the cow were decimated…..and subsequently the Hindu society attacked the Babari structure thereby damaging all its three domes and took possession of the Babari structure. Thus, the site came under the possession of the Hindus. The British empire that had already started playing the divide and rule game, penalised the Hindu society and asked it to repair the damaged domes.

However, it is interesting to note that ever since 1934, no Muslim has ever dared to enter the Babri structure.

Over 76 wars religious wars have been fought during these 480 years for the site which is being wrongfully claimed by the Muslims. Many of these wars have seen sacrifices, blood and disappointment. However, with the passing of time, the matter is now in the hands of the Indian judiciary.

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