Present Day Muslims

Ignorance is not always bliss!

The way it is important to know the topic before you enter the debate, it is important to know about a moment before raising your arms up against it. The present day educated Muslim brothers are often confused. While their community supports the Babri structure, evidence and proof are in favour of the Shri Rama Janamabhoomi.

The question here is, what do you view the Babri structure as? Is it your holy place? If you feel yes, then do you actually want to own the barbaric acts committed by Babar and others? Hindus and Muslims have always lived in peace, why would you wish to be associated with such an act that defies the rules of civilisation?


In case your community is trying to misguide you, it is upon you to shoulder the task of showing it the right way. How difficult would it be to distance yourself from such an act of vandalism and barbarism from the past? It is alright if history has given you a bad name, disassociating from it is in your hands. And what your future generations bequeath is also in your hands. And why not? when the Germans are asked to apologise for the crimes of Hitler, they do not shy away. They do not hesitate ti disown Nazism.

For the sake of peaceful times, for the same of the silent and no violent struggle that the Hindus seek through judiciary and negotiations, isn’t it your duty as fellow countrymen to join hands and help your Hindu brothers by disassociating yourself from Babar’s barbarism? After all, invaders and Mughal emperors have time and again vandalised thousands of Hindu temples. We have accepted it as a part of evolution and civilisation. But if we want back only three of our holy sites–Ayodhya, Mathura and Kashi–out of the many vandalised, how painful is it?

Ram Samundrawala

The Hindu society does not seek the thousands of the other temples plundered, looted and destroyed to build mosques on them. We don’t even seek compensation for the same.

We strongly believe that any interpretation of the Babri structure, other than that of it being a monument of our slavery, is asking Hindus to live with the humiliation that Babar wanted to inflict on them, as conquered people.

If you would have any questions, we are happy to answer all your queries. Please feel free to let us know about the strangest of rumours you would have heard. Allow us to help you know all that you might want to know about the cause and why generations have been associated with building a temple at the holy site of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi.

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